The Challenge: Balancing Diabetes Control and Hypoglycemia Risk

  • Insulin remains the mainstay for glycemic control for patients with Type 1 diabetes and for people with Type 2 diabetes not controlled on non-insulin therapies
  • Insulin induced hypoglycemia is the primary obstacle to glycemic goal attainment
  • The majority of patients on insulin do not achieve their A1C targets
  • ~1.4M emergency hospital visits/hospitalizations per year (USA)Severe hypoglycemia occurs at all A1C levels

  • Severe hypoglycemia and its complications are costly

The Idea: A smart solution that fits well with current and future pharmacological and device platforms.

The Medical Need

Insulin replacement therapy involves multiple daily insulin injections or the delivery of insulin by a pump, the need for careful blood glucose monitoring, and the fear of an unwanted fall in blood glucose (hypoglycemia). Fear of hypoglycemia prevents optimal glycemic management leading to long term hyperglycemia and damage to the body (kidney, heart, extremities).

The Promise

Patients who use the Abvance combination product, in place of insulin alone, will be able to experience improved blood glucose control with a safety buffer against hypoglycemia. This would not require some new behavioral change or device enablement, and will lighten the daily burden of their disease management.


Trusted Partners & Research Collaborators

T1D Exchange
Atlanta Diabetes Association
Drug Delivery Experts
Vanderbilt University

The Opportunity

Abvance Therapeutics is developing a product that has significant clinical utility across all prandial insulin using segments.

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